How to Add Content to a Wiki Article is designed to show students how to add information to a wiki article as they prepare the Group Multimedia Project - Project 3. After one or two tries, users will find it very easy to do on a regular basis on their own. Each group has one article page, and each group member will add one body section. A body section has a heading like the headings shown below. In “How to Add Content to a Wiki Article,” each of the body sections is a step in how to add content to a wiki article.

First Step

Write your draft as a Word document.

Second Step

Submit the Word document through Assignments 2 on Niihka. For each deadline in the project, students must submit both a Word document on Niihka and copy and paste the writing onto their group's wiki page. If only one of these things is done and not both, the draft will not be counted.

Third Step

Copy everything from the Word document.

Fourth Step

Click the link to your group's article, and on that page, click Edit at the top of the page.

Fifth Step

When the page opens, click the button near the top of the page (see Picture 1). Source editing is a little technical, but it is more dependable than other ways of editing.

Sixth Step

Paste your writing into the pop-up window (see Picture 2). Depending on the group's plan, each student will need to paste your writing above or below their partners' writing. Do not paste on top of it! Click Formatting help in the lower left of the window for guidance on how to format writing with italics, boldface, and other features.

Seventh Step

When everything is satisfactory, click the Apply changes button in the lower right.

Eighth Step

If everything looks okay, click Publish. Write a brief summary of the additions and/or changes you made, and click Publish again.

Final Note

Students who run into technical problems should first consult with group members. Contact the instructor only if no one in the group knows how to fix a technical problem.